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Do you dream of staying home to snuggle your babies, working during naptime, and being a joyful stay-at-home mom and homemaker? I believe in you, Mama. Here's my story.

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My story

I’ve always dreamed of staying home with my babies someday when I became a mom. But I wasn’t always sure if that dream could ever become a reality. After all, our bills seemed so high and our income seemed so small. And with both of us working in ministry, I knew that our income wasn’t going to increase very much with time like “normal” jobs-as rewarding as clergy work is, you simply don’t go into this line of work for the pay.

So when my husband and I got pregnant with our baby girl, I took drastic measures to make my dreams come true.

We both picked up side hustles and learned the art of freelancing our skills. I learned how to cook everything from scratch to make our grocery bill dirt cheap. I became the ultimate frugal homemaker, and learned how to be the ultimate frugal new mama as well. It meant a lot of discipline, a ton of sacrifice, and going without a lot of the fun things you want to do when you become pregnant-like taking professional maternity pictures, buying tiny baby outfits, or even getting a fancy new dress for your baby shower. But ultimately, it was well worth it to not have to miss those baby snuggles when she arrived.

I think God has a way of blessing you when you’re on a path He wants you to be on, so you tend to get to your destination a lot faster. When we finally decided to practice gratitude and contentment for what we already had, we reached our goals so much faster.

We got completely out of debt except our mortgage. No student loans. Zero car payments. No more credit cards or medical bills or owing anybody anything anymore. That’s a big and rare accomplishment for a couple of poor 24 year-olds.

We became Dave Ramsey fanatics, read his books together, listened to his podcast everyday, and had a complete mindset shift about money altogether.

We followed the “Baby Steps” Dave Ramsey outlines to a T, and are almost done saving 3-6 months of our living expenses. We paid ourselves each month and watched our savings grow and grow.

We found our side hustles taking off and I became interested in becoming a mommy entrepreneur, working during nap time. I was able to have a little more fun money for those walks around Target with my baby without ever having to become a salesperson (nothing wrong with salespeople, but the thought of having to do it makes my palms sweat! Not for me!).

The contentment in our hearts grew and grew-not because we had more money or more stuff. In fact, we had LESS stuff because we sold so many items to get out of debt, and we had LESS spending money because it all goes to our financial goals.

But in our minimalist home without any vacations or new clothes or even cable on the TV, we found the joy of a quiet life, working with our hands, and not having to miss a single baby snuggle or dinner as a family. Now of course that’s not a put-down to working moms-after all, I AM a working mom. I still have my ministry day job, and this little corner of the Internet is my business as well. My intention is to lift up and encourage all moms in THEIR unique homemaking dreams.

My dream of staying home with my baby became a reality. I get to be the joyful homemaker I’ve always wanted to be for my family. Along the way, I somehow became a nap-time “mom-preneur” as well. And I found a passion for helping other millennial mamas do the same through frugal homemaking and simple living.

"It is better to obey the LORD and have only a little, than to be rich and terribly anxious"
Proverbs 15:16 (CEV)

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