Mid-Year Goal Refresh

We’re halfway through 2019. How crazy is that?

Around this time every year-the halfway mark-I like to stop and reflect on the year. I check on my internal compass. Where am I headed? How have I done on my personal goals for the year? And if I forgot about my goals altogether, this is the time of year that I dust them off and check back on them. I decide if I’m going to give them attention for the next six months or completely change directions. It truly does help me to live every single day intentionally. Numbering my days, focusing on what truly matters to me, and not letting a single day be wasted. Here’s a podcast I’ve been loving that talks all about that.

Heart Check

My journal and my pen are the tools I use to do some soul excavating. That’s where I dig deep. But for you it might look like a phone call with your most honest friend, or in silent meditation, or prayer. That’s where I like to start. Inspired by the podcast I mentioned above, I asked myself questions like these.

What are my priorities in life? Does my daily schedule reflect my actual priorities?

Is this path I’m on heading towards the dreams God placed in my heart?

Does my life revolve more around people or tasks? People are all that matter in the end.

My girl. I’ve been practicing being more present with her this summer, because this is flying by!

The good and the growth

I took each category of my life, and I ranked it from 1-10. I’ve never done that before, but it was really eye-opening for me.

Marriage, spirituality, finances, health, friendship, work, recreation, family, and more. I wrote down a one sentence summary of the good, and the…growth. And in the areas that I would consider to be at a 6 or under, I spent some time praying over. God, make this new. Breathe new life into it. Teach me. How can I be intentional in pouring into this area of my life over the next six months to get it back up to health?

My area of growth

In all transparency, my health is just a mess. I set a goal to turn things around at the start of 2019, and failed. I think I’d rank it at a 4 on a scale from 1-10. And it’s only that high because I really am fit and toned. I am strong, and workout almost everyday consistently. But my energy and my diet are horrible. Most days, I am running so fast that I’m forgetting to eat until my blood sugar gets so low that I’m shaky and cranky. Then I eat a cheese stick or banana on the go, because I’m too exhausted to cook (and frankly, I don’t have the energy or patience to deal with the meltdowns my toddler has every time I’m in the kitchen).

I NEED to change things. I need to find a way to get help with my fussy toddler so I am able to cook without having a screaming child pulling at my leg. She does so much better when she has her toddler friends over, so I need to schedule more playdates. That way, I can get some meal prepping in while she plays with other kids in the kitchen. And I need to carve out time to eat actual meals. In summary-I need to SLOW LIFE DOWN.

This exercise was eye-opening for me. I hope you’ll try it, too. I’ll keep you posted on how I’m doing working on my health this remainder of 2019. Not just for me, but for those around me that I love. I want to be healthy for them.


If you’ve counted 2019 as a wasted year, I hope you’ll find it in yourself to dream again. Pray, again. Protect the tenderness in your heart, not letting the disappointments in life make it cynical. Pay attention to the flickers of hope that still remain and set them ablaze. Your dreams are yours for a reason. All hope is not lost if 2019 hasn’t been the year you hoped it would be. I’m cheering you on. Here are some resources to encourage you if you feel like your year needs a mid-year restart or refresh.


I love this product that I’ve repurchased around 3 times now. My Powersheets that I love (I know, I talk about them a lot). They help me get crystal clear on my dreams and vision for my life. And this book that I read earlier this year, The Purpose Driven Life, was so encouraging for me as a Christ-follower.

This podcast episode from the Craig Groeschel Leadership Podcast might help if you feel like you just don’t have enough time or energy in a day to get everything done that you want to. He talks about energy management-how to strategically schedule your days. I listened to it twice, and then I sent it to all my people. It’s good!

Sometimes it can feel like finances are the only thing in the way of your goals. If that’s you, here are some helpful old blog posts I’ve written about the subject. Not as an expert, but as an everyday frugal homemaker, making what matters to me happen.

Short Term Financial Goal Ideas (This post randomly went viral back in January!)

Setting up Sinking Funds for your Savings Goals

Free Budgeting Printable

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